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Entry #2

Regarding Music...

2009-05-14 01:09:21 by SynthetiCake

Do remember this is a joint account. We will always say who made the song, either David or I.

Anyways, we've been making music since the beginning of April, 2009. We're still learning a lot about FL, but I'm usually on it a lot more. Damn you David, and all your advanced classes. You need more free time (and I need more work). To anyone reading this, then hellooo :3

About us and our music, I don't play any instruments. I used to play violin (yey stereotypes), but I quit, and have forgotten pretty much all of it. David plays the piano, and he's amazing with it. Lucky bastard has some skills e____e

Anyways, we hope you like our music. Thanks for reading this, and all the cheese 8D



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